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What is Procurement’s Place in the Value Chain?

How is it possible, that a function serving as one of the greatest creators of sustainability and quality management in the line, cost-based savings, and allocators of the majority of direct spend, can be devalued to solely a supporting role in the value chain?

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Excellence Through Diversity

Progressive leaders recognize the critical importance and value of integrating equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) into their business, culture and workforce, however, many organizations are missing a critical component, therefore not realizing the full potential and benefits.

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Supplier Collaboration is a Win-Win Strategy!

Suppliers are an intrinsic part of the Supply Chain. It does not matter what business you are in, what products you make, distribute and sell, or what part of the world you are in. And it doesn’t matter where in the Supply Chain you are. You can not accomplish anything without Suppliers.

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Seasoned Leadership in Action™

At Supply Chain Game Changer we believe in sharing experiences and expertise from people in every industry and from across the globe. As such we have introduced our “Seasoned Leadership in Action” Interview series.

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7 Strategic Reasons to Hire on Contract

Economists have long noted the rise of the so-called “gig economy.” More workers are using short-term contracts and other forms of employment to provide additional income to supplement or replace permanent jobs – think Uber, AirBnB.

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3 Reasons Why Procurement Transformations FAIL

Over these past 28 years of my career in Procurement (yes I started when I was 12), I’ve had the privilege and pain of seeing, not just procurement, but many different types of Transformation initiatives succeed and, unfortunately, fail.

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How to Advance Your Career by Focusing on the Team!

This is a tricky one for those of you who are thinking, “but isn’t this about MY advancement?” Yes it is about your advancement and that is precisely why you have to NOT make it all about YOU.  If you focus more on the team’s success and less on your own, then your success will follow.

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Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail!

According to, the very 1st of 5 habits of highly successful people is to Plan your Day. Reading email, working with out a plan, allowing the day to control you rather than controlling your day is killing your productivity and preventing you from being truly successful.

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I am a Compulsive Leader

Quite a while ago, a former colleague and team member of mine once told me that he has two mothers, one at home and the other at work. At the time of course he was looking squarely at me. So first of all, I’m far too young to be his mother.

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Aptitude + Attitude = Altitude

To advance your professional Altitude its helps to have two essential things; A solid Aptitude for what you’re doing and a great (not just good) Attitude, toward what you’re doing.  I mean, come on, would it kill you to show a little enthusiasm?

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The Battle for Strategic Procurement Resources

As the global economy continues to stumble and stutter, the strategic procurement profession is more and more being looked to, to help organizations survive and weather the economic storm, by driving cost savings to the bottom line.

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