Exciting News From ProcurePro!

Welcome to the January edition of ProcurePro’s “On the Button” newsletter.  It’s a new year and a new opportunity to create a new future.  Like myself, I am sure many of you, are excited to move into a new year – welcome 2021!  I am hopeful that this year will bring great opportunity and for many recovery, from one of the most challenging years we have experienced in my lifetime.

In last month’s newsletter we shared that we would have exciting news to announce early in 2021.   I’m excited to share with you that ThryvX, which was first introduced to you in February of 2020 will be taking on a new and more prominent position in my life. Corette Miller, my business partner and CEO of newINITAITIVES HR, and I, have decided to combine our businesses under the ThryvX brand to offer the full breadth of our services to our clients.  This exciting merge under the ThryvX brand will be taking place in March.  

The newly merged company allows our respective customers to enjoy a truly integrated experience where they can obtain a wider range of services, beyond those currently being offered by ProcurePro and newINITIATIVES HR separately.  Under the ThryvX brand, we will continue to offer our current ProcurePro services; sourcing, project management, contract management, implementation and training.  We are excited to add content marketing and social media management to our services along with those currently offered under newINITIATIVES HR, including; recruiting, human resource management, development,  health and safety training, compliance training,  leadership and cultural development.  

This new combined business under the ThryvX brand, truly is exciting for both Corette and myself and our respective teams who will all be coming together as one team.  We believe ThryvX will create a much-needed place where small and medium sized businesses can come to get all of the services that they need to grow, from start-up to an enterprise and every stage in between.  

We are currently revamping the ThryvX website to showcase our combined services and more.  Starting on March 1st, 2021, you can visit us at www.ThryvX.com to find out more about us and our services.

During this merge, we expect to see absolutely no disruption to the services we currently provide to our clients. We’ve been working on this merger for close to a year and did so purposely to ensure that the new company would provide unparalleled services to our customers and uphold the high level of service, support, care and professionalism our clients have come to expect and deserve.

While the official merge does not happen until March our teams have been working closely on our plans and we expect to see a smooth transition beginning on March 1st.  We are planning celebratory events, including a virtual official launch party happening in the spring. We hope you will join us in celebrating this incredible milestone in our company and look forward to servicing you and supporting your growth for many years to come!

All the best!

Jill & Corette

Co-founders, ThryvX

Helping Business Thryv!




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