How to Minimize Business Disruption by COVID-19 – Our Virtual Team Can Help

How to Minimize Business Disruption by COVID-19 – Our Virtual Team Can Help 

Everyone’s focus should be first and foremost, on the health and safety of our families, our communities and flattening the Covid-19 curve.  Businesses must stay sharply focused on keeping essential services and the supply chain moving, providing critical food, medicines and other essentials.  Understandably you may be feeling the strain from these unprecedented times whether it’s struggling with enabling your team to work remotely, keeping them focused and engaged while dealing with school closures, day-care issues, caring for sick or at risk loved ones or other unexpected but dramatic disruptions.

My team and I want to do our part and help how we can.  We are experts in Supply Chain, Procurement and Project Management.  We provide; Virtual Procurement and Project Management services and are 100% enabled to work remotely to protect you and help minimize the disruption to your business.

How we can help:

  • Supply chain, Procurement or Project Management expertise
  • Act as or augment your team to alleviate strain and disruption
  • Gather and define your requirements (software, hardware, services, Financial, HR, Payroll, CRM, Procurement, Supply Chain systems etc.)
  • Manage competitive bids; Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Quotes (RFQ) etc.
  • Contract negotiations, renewals and management
  • Supplier management; communicating with and expediting supplier shipments, determining alternative sources of supply and other contingent needs
  • Inventory supply and demand management
  • Project Management oversight and governance for systems implementations for all phases: Requirements through to Go Live

We are 100% remote enabled.  We can help you through this challenging time by minimizing the disruption to your business while you focus on other critical priorities.

Please contact me today to discuss how we can help. By email to, telephone 416-505-8698 or for more information on ThryvX Consulting checkout our website

Jill Button
Co-Found & CEO ThryvX Consulting
Phone: 416-505-8698

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