We use a Best in Class, methodical approach to assess and identify opportunities to improve your organization focusing on; People, Process and Systems (PPS). We create a Transformation Roadmap, manage the full implementation and monitor progress to ensure we deliver sustainable outcomes for your organization.

Procurement Transformation

We help you create or transform your procurement team to meet the needs of your business now and for the future!

“Procurement is a bottleneck. They are just too slow. Running a competitive bid or negotiating a contract takes too long.”


We implement agile, streamlined policies and processes to accelerate the procurement process and enable your business.

“They don’t have the right people who are knowledgeable about my business, who can add real value and understand what’s important to the company.”

We take the time to understand what is important and design an organizational model around you. We train your procurement team, help hire or act as interim resources, as we build your best in class team.

Best in Class Procurement (PPS)


Voice of the Customer Design organization model Assess current vs. future resources Recruiting Training


Create Procurement Dashboard Update & Implement Policies & Procedures Implement Procurement Methodology Develop Category Strategies Implement Supplier Governance


Define Source to Pay Create technology roadmap Implement Project Management Track& Report Savings Manage Suppliers & Contracts

“The procurement process is too confusing and focused on policing vs. enabling our business.”



We create a predictable, sustainable and repeatable, 8 Step Methodology, designed to enable your business to achieve the best overall solution at market competitive prices.

“Our Procurement department is tactically focused vs. strategic. They are too busy paper pushing vs. adding real value.”

We implement Category Management, looking at your historical spend, forecasted requirements and develop category strategies to identify opportunities to improve supply and drive bottom line savings.

“Lack of systems make things slow and highly manual. We often just renew with the current supplier or worse, contracts expire and we are forced to accept the supplier contract terms.”


We develop a P2P Roadmap that includes; what systems to implement, when and what to integrate for the biggest impact and highest ROI including; eSourcing and Contract Management.

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