Leverage our Virtual Procurement Team to manage the competitive bid process, negotiate with suppliers and deliver superiors solutions while driving bottom line savings.

Virtual Procurement Services

Expert Top Gun Negotiators Driving Bottom Line Savings and operational efficiencies

“Without a dedicated procurement team, we lack the time and skill to develop strategies, run competitive bids and negotiate contracts.”

We are your agile, virtual procurement team here when you need us. We work with you to develop a sourcing strategy, manage the competitive process and negotiate with suppliers on your behalf.

“We hope for good prices but we usually just accept what suppliers offer. We are leaving hard earned money on the table.”

We assess your current prices against benchmarks and lead the negotiations to deliver the best overall solution at market competitive prices.

4 Phase Agile Procurement

Drive bottom line savings and reduce costs


Spend Analysis & Strategy Development

Requirements gathering

Spend and trend analysis

Review current contract(s)

Establish baseline

Assess potential suppliers

Create sourcing strategy


Sourcing Strategy & Execution

Create project plan

Finalize requirements & evaluation criteria

Launch & manage competitive bid

Evaluate responses

Supplier presentations

Supplier recommendation


Contract Strategy & Negotiations

Negotiations strategy

Conduct negotiations

Analyze savings against baseline

Contract execution


Contract & Supplier Governance

Conduct supplier debriefs

Incumbent supplier transition (if required)

Supplier Governance Framework

“Contracts are stored in someone’s drawer or lost, never to be seen again. Contracts often expire leaving us scrambling.”

Our Contract Management as a Service (CMaaS) is a secure, easy to access contracts portal. We setup alerts for you to manage your contracts or we lead the renewal process for you. No more forgotten or expired contracts! Fully hosted service, so no software to buy.

“We are too small and can’t afford to hire a full time procurement person. We are busy and just don’t have the time to focus on procurement.”

Hire us for an hour, per project, per contract, on call, on retainer when and how you need us. Free initial assessment of your company’s third party spend, bench marked against market competitive prices. No risk!

“Supplier relationships are too close. They don’t deliver on their promises. Communication is lacking or too casual.”

We recommend and help implement supplier and contract governance to ensure you get what you paid for.

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