The ProcurePro team left us with a great “Procurement Toolkit” with various tools and templates that we could use going forward on our own that was practical and sustainable.
Ontario Regulatory Authority

Client Testimonial

Ontario Regulatory Authority


We are a mid-sized Ontario Regulatory Authority that at the time of the project, did not have a procurement department nor resources with specific procurement expertise.  As a rapidly growing Authority, our resources are limited and our core team works cross-functionally on a number of projects concurrently.  We required the services of an experienced Procurement Consulting Services firm to assist in the execution of a number procurement related activities.  Specifically we needed help with 1. Sourcing a new financial system, as we had outgrown Quickbooks and were dealing with a lot of manual processes.  2. Identifying Salesforce development partners for a number of projects that were coming up quickly and for which were had limited service providers and 3. Guidance and recommendations on our procurement policy, processes and procedures.

How did ProcurePro help?

ProcurePro outlined a detailed and comprehensive project plan for taking on all of the deliverables and activities we needed help with.  They outlined a detailed governance structure to ensure oversight and management of the various project teams to ensure the best use of everyone’s time and to keep us all on track.  ProcurePro conducted a number of interviews with our finance team to understand what our requirements were and developed a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP).  They also provided us with insightful market research to understand who the major players were in the current marketplace.  For our Salesforce services providers, they created a Request for Qualification (RFQ) to identify and select a list of qualified Salesforce development partners.  They worked very closely with our team to manage both the RFP and the RFQ process and helped us evaluate responses and conduct supplier interviews.  They also provided much needed guidance and recommendations on how we could improve our procurement policy and processes including creating a methodology specific for our organization and a high-level training approach.  The ProcurePro team were very patient and professional as our internal timelines were impacted by other various activities taking place within the organization and were able to adapt and switch gears quickly as things moved and changed.

What was the outcome?

The ProcurePro team helped us to determine a list of Salesforce development partners that we could add to our Vendor of Record (VOR) list for future project work.  Provided guidance, insight and training to our new Procurement specialist who was hired mid-project and helped us understand what changes we could make immediately to our policy and processes versus that which we could grow into over time and how to establish a Procurement methodology for it all.  They set us up to successfully choose a Financial system vendor that we felt could meet our unique needs.  Lastly, the ProcurePro team left us with a great “Procurement Toolkit” with various tools and templates that we could use going forward on our own that was practical and sustainable.

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