We were able to look out for our best interests; much like a much larger company would, without having to build this capability in-house.
Erin Sinyard SVP Finance, Kew Media Group

Client Testimonial

Erin Sinyard
SVP Finance



Kew Media is a mid sized media and entertainment company that rapidly grew to become a global producer and distributor of multi-genre content worldwide.  With operations in London, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, the level of complexity was high.  Disparate financial and payroll systems, no centralized human resources system and highly manual processes meant timely access to detailed financial and workforce information was challenging.  Our teams needed an enterprise wide ERP solution encompassing; Financial System (FinSys), Payroll System and Human Capital Management (HCM) System.  With tight timelines, we needed to work with a team we could trust that had proven experience and industry knowledge to help us implement our new systems on a tight budget with minimal disruption to our fast-paced business.

How did ProcurePro help?

ProcurePro took the time to learn each of our businesses, our requirements and establish a project governance structure.  With prior knowledge and experience implementing ERP systems for media clients, and in particular, NetSuite Financial, they brought a team-based approach, working closely with both the Kew team  and the NetSuite team to focus on the areas of configuration, risks, mitigation plan, testing and implementation.  

Additionally, after six months of working with ProcurePro, we decided to engage them to assist us in providing support for the implementation of our Ceridian Dayforce Payroll/HR solution.  Without hesitation, ProcurePro was able to quickly get up to speed on this in-flight project and GO-Live within a few short months, concurrently with our NetSuite Financial system. 

Without ProcurePro’s help, the implementations of both the NetSuite and Ceridian systems would not have been possible.  We simply did not have the capacity nor experienced resources to manage these complex projects ourselves. ProcurePro helped us by providing a comprehensive, detailed, project management approach, customized to our unique and challenging global business.  They instilled confidence, motivated, and supported the team throughout the entire process.   

What was the outcome?

ProcurePro ensured an organized and rigorous process throughout.  They helped us through some extremely challenging times and ultimately, we went live with both systems, with the help of their incredibly dedicated team, in Jan 2020.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jill and the ProcurePro team.

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