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Peter Berczi
Chief Executive Officer

“ProcurePro saved us a substantial amount of time and money on our new contract with improved contractual terms (eg. termination rights). Going through the process really clarified our needs and aligned our internal thinking. It educated us on our capabilities and requirements. We ended up with a superior solution, at a lower cost, and I even think the vendors were pleased with how fair, transparent, organized and ethical the entire process was. We have since used ProcurePro for another contract negotiation, and we intend to use them again in the future.”

Yvette Nechvatal-Drew
Executive Director

“ProcurePro helped us by simplifying and managing both projects from end to end allowing us to focus our valuable time and resources on helping our Girls Inc. girls. They guided us and helped clarify our thinking. They educated us on our capabilities and requirements today and to support and enable our growth in the future.  They saved us much needed money which we were able to reinvest in our Girls Inc. programming. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ProcurePro and hope to work with Jill again in the future.”

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